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Colored painting plant of washing machine in Electrolux

Electrolux, worldwide leader in the production of domestic appliances, has chosen MOVIN S.p.A. for the realization of the new colored painting plant which is coming to its completion in these days, establishment of Porcia (PN).

MOVIN S.p.A. has always been up-to-date with innovatory projects to supply solutions wich permit to improve the plants with high technological contents and together with the binomial of “realization price cutting ” and “plant overhead reduction”, has produced economic benefits for the customers.
As a result, the company has retained proper to utilize a valid alternative to the traditional systems , and, in agreement with the plant maintenance responsible Mr. Marson, has chosen IQ-Sense by Siemens, for this breakthrough.

In our plant, IQ-Sense checks the entrance and exit position of the shape in the painting cabin. Any failure comes out immediately on the display pannel PLC, reducing the operating time of the operators that can have available, in real time, the exact position and the fault nature.
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04/01/05 TUVAP Istanbul
29/12/06 New partnership
05/03/07 Nuovo pannello comandi della lavatrice electrolux
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